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Body Well is starting, Monday, September 14th. Register at https://fit4mom-howardcounty.pike13.com/events/7428569

Body Well™ is about the journey, meeting you where you are & challenging you to grow. This 8-week program includes small group fitness coaching, nutritional guidance, recipes + meal planners, community-based workouts, and weekly challenges to help you manage stress and sleep better. Body Well will focus on improving your physical and mental well-being with a community of mamas to support you every step of the way.


Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.


Four Week Virtual Sessions...every Monday evening at 7

FIT4BABY is a prenatal fitness program that teaches women how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. The 45 min long FIT4BABY class is interval based, combining elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching and balancing exercises. We train and certify our FIT4BABY instructors so they are fully equipped to lead a pregnant woman in exercises that are safe and appropriate for her changing body. The class is for all stages of pregnancy.

FIT4BABY runs in four-week sessions. Class meets on Mondays 7pm in the comfort of your home.

Current Stroller Strides members save 20% off your FIT4BABY session by emailing DanyetteYoung@fit4mom.com


Body Ignite starts on Saturday, August 29 at 8am
Body Ignite is a one-stop body shock. Targeting each and every muscle with specially designed sequences and a weighted bar will build muscle and strength. Dedicated core and flexibility work are also included to help you increase flexibility and core strength. A perfect complement to Body Back, Strides 360, and Run Club, or as a stand alone workout, this easy to follow strength based program will increase your metabolism, your athleticism, and your ability to lift, lunge, and lug everything mom-life throws at you!

By enrolling in class you are reserving a weighted bar. Weighted bars must be rented from the instructor for the 6 weeks at a cost of $25 for the 6 week session. Please bring your bar with you to each class. Instructors will collect and sanitize each bar at the end of the 6 weeks. Please note there is an additional $50 fee for any bars not returned at the last class of the session.
Please bring your yoga mat and a large water bottle.

Our next session is coming soon. E-mail for details

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming race or simply enjoy running with other like-minded mamas, Run Club is for you. A program for all levels, led by a certified running coach. Beginning runners will gradually build cardiovascular endurance and distance each week. Experienced runners will increase speed and distance. A motivating group and experienced coach will assist every runner in meeting her goals. Run Club allows you to run, improve your health and fitness, and connect with other moms. Each 6 week session ends with a race. No running experience required!